Who may participate in COMPARE-UF?

You may be eligible to participate if youcompare-uf_woman-with-fibroid

  • are between 18 and 54 years of age,
  • are not transitioning to menopause (still having regular periods), and
  • have at least one uterine fibroid diagnosed by a healthcare provider.

As COMPARE-UF starts, we will enroll women scheduled to have a procedure to treat their fibroid (such as surgery or other method of removing/destroying the fibroid) at one of the enrolling centers. At a later date, we may also enroll women who are using medications to treat their fibroid symptoms.

Where Can I Enroll in COMPARE-UF?

View the site map to find out if there is an enrolling center near you.



What if I'm not eligible?

Check back often and follow us on Facebook and Twitter so you can be the first to learn if we have changes to our enrollment plans. To find other research opportunities now, visit the following sites: A database of clinical trials performed in the U.S. and around the world.
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What happens if I decide to participate?

Participation in COMPARE-UF involves answering questions before your procedure aboutcompare-uf_participation

  • your medical and reproductive history,
  • prior treatments for your fibroids,
  • your current symptoms and quality of life.

View the COMPARE-UF Data Collection Summary to see a list of the information that we will ask you about. With your permission, we will get some of the information from your medical records.

After your procedure, the study team will contact you in 6–8 weeks to find out how you are doing, then will contact you again once per year until the end of the study. The study team will also review your medical records that are related to your fibroid treatment.

More questions?

Visit our FAQ page.