Fibroids and miscarriage – is there a link?

Results of a ten year study (Right From the Start) that enrolled over 5500 women concluded that there is no link between fibroids and miscarriage.

“Women with fibroids now have one less thing to worry about.” ~Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD

Dr. Hartmann of Vanderbilt University Medical Center began the study hoping to determine which fibroids increase the risk of miscarriage. The common clinical assumption is that fibroids increase the risk of miscarriage, and determining which types of fibroids cause more risk could help decide surgical treatment. Surprisingly, the conclusion of the study is that there is no increased risk. The risk of miscarriage is ~11% for women with and without fibroids.

Watch the video that explains the results of the research

Watch the interview with the study’s lead author Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD

Read the article in the American Journal of Epidemiology